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Worship Service Feedback Form

At Broadwater Road Uniting Church, we are keen to continually improve the worship experience for all those who attend, so that worship is engaging, relevant and spiritually uplifting. Our aim is to provide a worship experience where people can find the loving, life changing power of Jesus for their lives.  Your feedback will help us to achieve this aim for long-attending worshippers and those who are with us for the first time.

Please think about a recent worship service that you have attended and have that in mind as you respond to the following questions:

1. Please indicate which service you are providing this feedback about. Date:
Start time:
2 . Please indicate how much agree or disagree with the following statements about your worship experience:
3. What was the best part of this worship experience? Why?
4. What was the worst part of this worship experience? Why?
5. What is one thing that this church could do to significantly improve your experience?